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Shack 512 prides itself on being an essential restaurant experience on Lake Travis. We try to promote a very laid-back atmosphere where you can come to relax and enjoy great food, well-made cocktails, and panoramic views of Lake Travis. We are even accessible by boat! Shack 512 strives to live by our motto, “No Customer Leaves Unhappy.” How are we able to back up this motto? Incredible customer service for our guests has always been and continues to be a hallmark of our restaurant. Incredible customer service is not possible without an absolutely extraordinary group of individuals working towards a common goal. Just as important as the customer service is the food we serve to guests.  Let’s be honest here: one of the stigmas lake front restaurants are known for is having great views but low-quality food. From the beginning, Shack 512 did not want to fall into that category as simply a great place with a view to enjoy a drink. From our original vision, we went through a thorough process of crafting a menu of well thought out dishes. We don’t cut corners on our menu. Everything we offer on our menu is made from high quality and original ingredients. This is why we can deliver on our promise of the absolute best food on Lake Travis.

Although we were able to enjoy many successes early on, no restaurant is without challenges.  In October of 2018 the Austin area was hit with an unprecedented amount of rainfall which resulted in heavy flooding in the West Austin area. Unfortunately for us, the Lake Travis water levels rose aggressively in a matter of hours and forced us to salvage what we could and vacate the premises. For several days our restaurant was completely under water, even reaching as high as the roofline. After the waters had receded, we assessed the damages and realized we had two choices: we could abandon this place, that had given us such a sense of pride and joy, or we could move forward and realize the dream that this restaurant originally promised to be for our patrons. We chose the latter. It took months of hard work, very long days, but the work was satisfying and we are so proud that we persisted.

We would like to thank the public for supporting us and even offering to lend a helping hand as we renovated Shack 512. We would like to thank you in advance for coming out and visiting our space. We sincerely hope you have a lasting memorable experience with us.  Lake Travis views are an obvious draw, but the food, drinks, and live music are what makes us unique. Chill out, relax and of course soak in the sunshine. This is how we “lake” it!

Our motto of service is "No Customer Leaves Unhappy." Our place is your place, a warm welcoming environment where the food is awesome and the views are better! SHACK 512...~WE DO SUNSETS!~

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8714 Lime Creek Rd., Volente, TX 78641